The Determination of Cash Money

Cashmere Money, aka Cash Money, is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She is a very kind, soft-spoken woman who makes you feel at ease in her presence. After growing up in New Jersey and attending Rutgers University for Accounting, she joined the Navy. She said that she enjoyed it, and it gave her some much needed structure and discipline in her life. While in the Navy, she met people who had never met a black person. Cash explained that there wasn’t racism, but a lack of connecting with people who are different. Cash came from the city of Camden, right outside of Philly. Some of the people she met were from small, rural towns in Upstate New York. Just like today, Cash was able to make friends with people who are different than her. She is a connector-a unifier.


Cash went on to get married and have three children, eventually settling in Charlotte. Some years later, she put on a lot of weight, and landed on a path towards obesity. This lead to health issues, including a stroke. Five years ago, in a period from December to May, Cash had FOUR STROKES. She was eventually put in a treatment facility to regain her speech and physical capabilities. She couldn’t walk, nor move much at all. She finally decided that by her birthday, June 26th, she would walk. She started to practice walking everyday. At first, this meant walking to the bathroom. Then, she got the courage and determination to walk in the hallway, using the handrails. People in the treatment facility were shocked that she was walking. It was a shortly after that Cash was released and went home to live with her mom in Wadesboro. When her aging mom couldn’t give her the help she needed, her mom suggested that she go back to a treatment facility. However, Cash had enough of that and wanted to move on with her life.

Cash left Wadesboro, and came to Charlotte, staying at the Homewood Suites Hotel in Ayrsley for a month. Everyday, she would walk around the neighborhood and talk to people. The Ayrsley community helped her meet new people, and make new friends who gave her love and support. After a month in the hotel, Cash chose to find a home in Ayrsley and settle. She said her speech improved dramatically by socializing with all the friends she made. Just when things seemed to be on track and going well for Cash, she was diagnosed with MS. The MS still affects her with some memory loss. She is planning to walk for MS in the upcoming event in MS Walk Charlotte. Cash explained that she wants to walk for the people who don’t have a voice. She knows what it is like not having her own voice, and being able to express herself. It is that feeling of powerlessness and vulnerability that Cash can relate to.  Now, that she has the strength to walk and has regained her voice, she is using it to help as loud and proud as she can!


Cash found Vital Yoga Studio in Ayrsley on one of her daily walks. She stopped into the studio and felt welcomed by everyone inside. A few days later, Cash took her first yoga class and is now a staple at the studio. Cash’s story is important, because it represents the will to get up after being knocked down. It is also a strong symbol of compassion and understanding. Cash sees people for who they are, and has a very diverse circle of friends. She said that she sees Vital as a place that provides the same mentality and atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, and it is real-not fake or forced.